HAVI – Partnership for Efficient Cooling

HAVI Belgium Selects The Addvolt Plug-in Electric For Efficient, Safe Cooling

As key players in the drive towards decarbonized transport, HAVI and Addvolt are responding to customers’ growing demand for greener, quieter, and more efficient supply chains.

In Belgium, HAVI has recently introduced the first vehicle to its delivery fleet that is fully equipped with electric refrigeration powered by Addvolt. The Plug-in Electric system was mounted on the HAVI truck combination’s drawbar, allowing it to feed the cooling system continuously even when the trailer is uncoupled from the rigid truck. As a result, HAVI Belgium can now guarantee maximum quality and freshness in the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

After completing its city centre deliveries, the rigid truck picks up the drawbar again for deliveries to more rural locations outside the city without having to drive back to the distribution centre. The key benefits of this configuration include shorter journeys, a smaller carbon footprint, and less urban congestion.

The cooling equipment on the drawbar is traditionally powered by a diesel generator. Until 2016, there were no regulations governing pollution limits for diesel generators on the Euro-6 trucks that move the trailer. Even today, regulations covering generators are less strict than those covering trucks. This means the trailer’s diesel generator, which powers the cooling equipment, produces more pollution than the delivery truck itself. At the same time, it also creates noise that impacts on customer locations and nearby homes.


The Addvolt plug-in system

The Addvolt Plug-in Electric system uses advanced lithium-ion batteries. It can be re-charged using the electricity grid at any logistics warehouse or with energy from Carrier’s Eco-drive solution, providing fully autonomous refrigeration to maintain cold chain integrity. The digital platform My Addvolt enables cold chain control anywhere, anytime by giving fleet managers access to real-time data, fleet performance information, and savings reports.

The Electrical Plug-in system was installed by Addvolt’s Belgian partner, Van Dyck Repair & Projects NV, which will provide HAVI with service support throughout the equipment’s lifetime. This is the first of three Electrical Plug-in systems to be installed on HAVI Belgium’s vehicles, with the next two scheduled to start operating later this year.

By selecting 100% electric refrigeration powered by Addvolt’s Plug-in Electric system, HAVI Belgium will eliminate more than 12 tons of CO2 emissions from each vehicle annually, saving at least 6,000 litres of fuel while reducing the impact of noise pollution on customer locations and nearby homes.

This step is aligned with HAVI’s science-based target to reduce carbon emissions from its operations by 40% per metric ton of goods delivered by 2030, making a contribution towards keeping the rise in global temperatures well below 1.5ºC, as per the Paris Agreement.

What our customer says:

“HAVI is pleased to announce its partnership with Addvolt in Belgium, having already worked with Addvolt in Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands. This is yet another example of our commitment to forging industry partnerships that focus on designing and implementing zero-emission solutions for a better future.”

What our partner says:

“Van Dyck Repair & Projects is a long-standing HAVI service partner. We are always looking for new technologies and systems involving the transport of refrigerated goods. Due to the decarbonization and electrification of fleets, each additional need for electrical power onboard of the vehicle has become a challenge. A good example is the cooling unit, which requires a considerable amount of energy to keep the transported products at the correct temperature. Here, Addvolt offers the right solution! Therefore, we are working together to set the standard for the future of refrigerated transport in Belgium.”

About Addvolt

Addvolt is a high-tech company that has developed the World’s First Plug-in Electric for refrigerated vans, trucks, trailers, and containers. It avoids diesel usage, as well as CO₂ emissions and noise, optimizing the operational costs of goods transportation.

Currently, Addvolt has customers in 7 European countries and is preparing to enter a new market very soon. For more information, please visit addvolt.com

About HAVI

HAVI is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing, and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Offering services in analytics, packaging, sourcing, supply chain management, and logistics, HAVI partners with companies to address challenges big and small across the supply chain, from commodity to customer. Founded in 1974, HAVI employs more than 10,000 people and serves customers in more than 100 countries. HAVI’s supply chain services are complemented by the customer engagement services offered by our affiliated company The Marketing Store. For more information, please visit HAVI.com and www.tmsw.com.

About Van Dyck Repair & Projects

Van Dyck Repair & Projects has specialized for more than 10 years in refrigerated bodies and vehicles repair to transport fresh and frozen goods. Also, the company installs and repairs tail lifts with a unique 24/7 service while offering tailor-made body insulations for vans.

Based in Beerse, Belgium, Van Dyck Repair & Projects is a certified CoP company, following all production standards. The company is an authorized service partner of Schmitz Cargobull.

Making the future of the transport sector greener is the guiding principle of Van Dyck Repair & Projects. Therefore, teaming up with Addvolt has completely adjusted to the further development of the company. For more information, please visit www.vdrp.be/nl

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