Decarbonising Logistics with HAVI

The eCool Partnership - HAVI Portugal’s Journey in Decarbonising Transport Refrigeration

HAVI Portugal's commitment to innovation and sustainability is at the heart of its operations. In partnership with Addvolt, Carrier Transicold Portugal, and Grupo Ferramacho, HAVI tested a fully electric refrigerated semi-trailer equipped with the Vector eCool system. This project aims to transform inter-centre transportation, ensuring the best possible quality for the distribution of thermo-sensitive goods between the last-mile distribution hub in Algarve, Portugal and the distribution centre in Azambuja, Portugal.

Challenges with the Traditional System

Traditional refrigerated goods transportation relies on a secondary diesel engine exclusively dedicated to the refrigeration process. These engines, often classified as EURO 2, are responsible for significant emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and harmful particles (NOx), as well as generating high noise levels. All these factors are detrimental to public health and the environment in communities affected by the transport and distribution of goods.

The Solution: Electrification of Refrigerated Transport

Saying goodbye to the diesel engine was a natural step in HAVI’s journey towards sustainability. To tackle these challenges, a solution was tested to eliminate this extra diesel engine and electrify the refrigeration process during goods transportation – with the Vector eCool system, the first fully electric refrigeration system for semi-trailers. This system comprises a fully electric, engine-less refrigeration unit powered by an Addvolt Powerpack (energy storage system with integrated power electronics for energy management) and a generator axle (energy recovery system).

This innovative solution converts the kinetic energy generated by the axle with the trailer's movement into electricity, storing it in the Powerpack batteries that power the refrigeration unit. Thus, we eliminate the need for fossil fuels and consequently the emissions of CO2 and NOx.

Autonomous Energy Operations Between Centers

The electric semi-trailer was used on the route between HAVI's last-mile distribution hub in the Algarve and their distribution centre in Azambuja. During this journey, the generator axle of the Vector eCool system ensured the regeneration of the necessary energy to maintain the constant refrigeration of the thermo-sensitive goods without compromising their quality.

The generator axle converts the kinetic energy generated during the trailer’s driving into electricity, which is then stored in the Powerpack (battery pack) to power the refrigeration unit. This energy cycle provides autonomy for logistics operations, with zero CO2 emissions and no NOx particles. Also, this system can be connected to the electrical grid when the semi-trailer is parked at the logistic centre, making the operation even more flexible and efficient.

Promising Results

The performance of the electric semi-trailer was monitored in real-time through My Addvolt. This to digital platform allows HAVI to obtain real-time data on their fleet, monitoring energy consumption, battery levels, and vehicle performance. With this, they can make more informed decisions, reduce operational costs, and optimize energy use (powerpack, grid, and regenerated energy), ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

The test results were extremely positive, as highlighted by the following points:

Daily energy usage via MyAddvolt, from sources: grid, solar and regenerated energy

  • Energy Consumption: Almost all the energy used for refrigeration came from axle regeneration, demonstrating the efficiency of the solution Vector eCool (Electric refrigeration unit, Powerpack system, Axle generator).

  • Battery Level: At the end of each trip, HAVI arrived with 80-90% of the battery charge still available, proving this system's autonomy.

  • Diesel Savings: They avoided the consumption of 410 litres of diesel, over a month of operation.

  • Emissions Avoided: They prevented the emission of 1081 kg of CO2, significantly contributing to environmental sustainability and allowing them access to zero-emission zones, known as LEZ (low emission zones) or ULEZ (ultra-low emission zones).

  • Silent Operations: The system is PIEK certified, allowing access to urban centres at any time, especially during nighttime periods.

  • Reduced Maintenance: The absence of a diesel engine reduces the need for traditional oil and filter changes and engine-related problems, increasing vehicle operability, efficiency and availability (less stop times).

Solution Confirmation

"This is the way! Our experience with the Vector eCool system confirmed that the combination of the generator axle and powerpack works efficiently and autonomously. The energy regeneration during driving allowed us to maintain operations without relying on the electrical grid or fossil fuels, creating a significant competitive advantage for HAVI Portugal's logistics."

Sérgio Aderneira, Transport Manager, HAVI Portugal

"The solution works! Implementing innovative and sustainable solutions is essential. HAVI has extensive experience in the process of decarbonizing goods distribution, and we remain committed to innovation and logistical efficiency. The future of logistics necessarily involves environmental and social sustainability, and we are committed to working together for a responsible future."

Carlos Santos, Operations Director, HAVI Portugal

HAVI PT Addvolt Carrier Portugal Ferramacho vector ecool

A Sustainable Future

HAVI started decarbonising its refrigerated fleet in 2016, and this test with Addvolt, Carrier Transicold Portugal, and Grupo Ferramacho was crucial to continue extending the results to other operations. The electrification of heavy-duty transportation has already begun and continues with HAVI Portugal.

About Havi Logistics

HAVI Logistics, is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing, and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Employing more than 10,000 people and operating in over 100 countries, HAVI offers comprehensive solutions including analytics, packaging, sourcing, supply chain management, and logistics. Renowned for its robust partnership with McDonald's, HAVI also serves various industries with a strong emphasis on the food and beverage sector. The company partners with businesses to address challenges across the supply chain, from commodity to customer, and is dedicated to sustainability, continuously improving the efficiency and eco-friendliness of its processes. HAVI's extensive global network and broad service offerings are complemented by the customer engagement services provided by its affiliated company, The Marketing Store. For more information, visit

About Grupo Ferramacho

Grupo Ferramacho is a leading logistics operator in the Algarve region, recognized for providing value-added services to its partners and contributing to a more sustainable environment. With a certified logistics platform and a diverse fleet, the company is committed to the continuous improvement of its services. Grupo Ferramacho offers national and international road freight transport with a modern fleet and skilled professionals, ensuring efficient transportation. The company specializes in temperature-controlled distribution, adhering to high standards of quality and safety, and handling national and international logistics operations via maritime, air, rail, and road transport. For more information, visit

About Carrier Transicold

Carrier Transicold, a division of Carrier Global Corporation, specializes in refrigeration systems for the transportation industry. Renowned for its truck, trailer, container, and rail refrigeration units, Carrier Transicold ensures the safe transport of temperature-sensitive cargo, crucial for industries like food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. The company is committed to sustainability, developing technologies that enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. For more information, visit

About Addvolt

Addvolt is the world’s 1st company to develop a patented solution to electrify any refrigeration vehicles such as Trailers, Trucks, Vans and Containers, avoiding 20 tons of CO2/year per vehicle. What sets us apart is our ability to transform any vehicle and reefer unit into an emission-free powerhouse, enabling 24-hour operations worldwide. Addvolt Powerpacks and Power Units not only enable maximum performance and efficiency but also eliminate noise pollution and reduce operating costs. We've revolutionized the landscape of sustainable transportation, empowering companies to embrace cleaner and smarter logistics. With our technology on board, every vehicle is monitored by our My Addvolt platform, Real-time data monitoring enhances fleet management, ensuring optimal energy consumption and providing ESG reports. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously push boundaries, creating a greener and quieter future for transportation.

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