HAVI PT – Efficiency Meets Energy Regeneration

Addvolt Boosts Clean Mobility in HAVI Portugal

HAVI introduces Addvolt’s innovative regenerative braking system allied with its powerpack improving the truck’s refrigeration unit autonomy and savings.

Addvolt is proud to be partnering with HAVI in Portugal to accelerate the growth of electrification in their refrigeration trucks fuelled by natural gas. HAVI, a world-renowned logistics company, has implemented Addvolt’s technologies since 2016 in their refrigerated trucks to increase the efficiency and improve the conditions of goods transportation, a step forward on the electrification journey. Addvolt is today the leading company of transport electrification and has provided HAVI Portugal its smart solution duo: the Powerpack combined with the Regenerative Braking system. This way, Havi’s truck fleet not only is able to extend its autonomy range in full electrical power, but also eliminates the diesel dependency coming from the truck’s reefer unit. By removing the usage of the diesel engine, trucks are enabled to cool the goods silently and the NOX and CO2 emissions are banned.

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The Problem

The distribution of fresh and frozen products, such as fruits, vegetables, or even vaccines requires a controlled atmosphere, having as key variables the temperature and the humidity level inside the refrigerated container. To ensure that the correct conditions are employed, the refrigeration trucks use a reefer unit, traditionally fuelled by diesel. In turn, that unit is responsible for both the carbon footprint degradation and the noise production while running, contributing to a worse driving experience.

To enhance the trucks productivity, it is imperative to raise their autonomy range together with avoiding idle times, a subject constantly under analysis. Additionally, one must consider that, in many situations, there is no possibility to access the power grid to charge the trucks or the enough time to do so.
Therefore, today’s needs for refrigeration trucks point towards the enhancement of autonomy reliability and such enables the trucks to travel longer distances with full power refrigeration guaranteed.

The Innovation

Aware of this reality, HAVI has been innovating its operations, equipping their natural gas trucks with Addvolt’s Plug-in Electric Powerpack, and now has implemented the new version with generator connection - the Addvolt’s Plug-in Hybrid Powerpack. This powerpack is powering the electric reefer unit with electrical energy produced while the Truck is on the move. It keeps the possibility to be charged through a standard plug available in any transhipment warehouse.

Addvolt’s Powerpack is a non-invasive system that powers the truck's refrigeration unit in electric mode. As the diesel engine of the reefer unit is stopped or eliminated due to Addvolt’s solution, the noise generated by the previous one is immediately diminished to the lowest levels ever (<60 dB). This feature contributes both deep and positively to the truck drivers’ comfort and enables the day and night access to city centre, namely PIEK regions and low emission zones (LEZ).

Introducing the regenerative braking, the truck gains the ability to provide 100% electric and autonomous refrigeration and gets the independence of charging points in transhipment warehouses. This way, the Refrigeration Autonomy range increases and it is now possible to have a flexible operation with less stop time, improving the operations efficiency. This eco-friendly solution even contributes to the reduction of energy costs, allowing the driver to plug the truck into the grid when the energy is cheaper; typically, this occurs during the night.

The Results

The installed Powerpack medium range units have each 19 kW of nominal power and use lithium-ion batteries that can be charged either at any transhipment warehouse in 90 minutes or even with the energy recovered during the truck’s braking and deceleration. Considering the annual performance of five natural gas trucks with just the Addvolt’s powerpack installed, HAVI Portugal has already saved up to 25,400 L of diesel and avoided 67 ton of CO2 emissions that would be released to the earth’s atmosphere (equivalent to planting 401 trees per year).

Currently, since the start of the operation, accounting with Addvolt’s regenerative braking system, the refrigeration units from HAVI’s trucks are in electric mode on a non-stop operation with 10 hours of refrigeration per day. Additionally, it is expected that with the launching of Addvolt new duo-solutions in three new natural gas Scania trucks, considering an over than 85% of diesel savings for the reefer unit, that HAVI Portugal will add to their annual savings, at least, more than 22,445L of diesel, equivalent to more than 59 ton of CO2 emissions avoided, similar to plant 353 trees annually.

These results not only minimize HAVI’s carbon footprint but also reduce the impact of its logistic activity during urban distribution.

My Addvolt

Furthermore, to ensure an excellent service, Addvolt provides real-time information about the efficiency of the operation through the digital platform My Addvolt - an energy efficiency management tool, which you can measure the performance during an operation, predict energy consumption and monitor the carbon footprint, among others. With My Addvolt HAVI can monitor in real time every relevant aspect of the trucks performance and also has the support of a network of distributors and partners internationally that can assist them in any time.


“This is our seventh truck with Addvolt’s Powerpack and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the performance. Introducing the regenerative braking system in our trucks will boost their efficiency to the highest as we can now extend their autonomy with maximum comfort for our drivers.”
Luís Castro Ferreira, Country Lead, Portugal & Supply Chain Director, HAVI Portugal

“AddVolt team is really proud to contribute for HAVI's commitment for a sustainable transportation and to continue working on this energy transition. Our non-invasive, flexible and sustainable duo-solution has come to stay. Now you can enhance your productivity with uninterruptible operations in all your refrigerated truck fleet, due to the improved refrigeration autonomy we can provide you. Plus, Addvolt’s solutions not only allow 24/7 distribution in urban areas, but also improve the working conditions of drivers by reducing the noise level of the vehicle and minimizing the vibrations in the cabin.”
Bruno Azevedo, Co-Founder and CEO, Addvolt

About Addvolt

Addvolt is leading the World's Transport Electrification with the innovative World’s First Plug-in electric system targeted for transportation markets and working closely with our partners and clients on more than 10 markets around 3 continents.
In cooperation with logistics companies, we design and implement technologies with the aim of reducing the transportation costs of goods by using Electrical and Sustainable Energy. We are dedicated to developing Intelligent, Simple and Non-Invasive technologies in close cooperation with our customers. Our goal is to make every vehicle more profitable and environmentally friendly by reducing diesel consumption, CO2 emissions, noise, and maintenance costs.
Building a Smart and Sustainable Transport Worldwide.
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About HAVI

HAVI is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing, and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Offering services in analytics, packaging, sourcing, supply chain management, and logistics, HAVI partners with companies to address challenges big and small across the supply chain, from commodity to customer. Founded in 1974, HAVI employs more than 10,000 people and serves customers in more than 100 countries. HAVI’s supply chain services are complemented by the customer engagement services offered by our affiliated company The Marketing Store.
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